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Welcome to 33 In 33, The Jams of 2012


Welcome to my new project!!!  June 1st marks 33 days until the start of Phish’s 30th Anniversary Summer Tour in Bangor, Maine.  Last year Phish played a total of 33 shows during their 2012 Summer Tour.  So look at that…I got an idea…

Not this one…

The idea is simple, we do one jam (or run of jams) from every single Summer 2012 show, each day until tour starts.  Every show from last year has something great and some of us could only attend one show.  We covered everything.

So who is we?  I decided to open up this project to anyone who wanted to participate.  I sent out an open invitation on Twitter looking for anyone who wanted to write.  I created a spreadsheet with every show and it filled up in less than 24 hours.  There is an incredible mix of some of the most well known Phish writers and people that are incredibly enthusiastic to be writing their first piece.

I wrote every single post for The Daily Ghost, I am writing zero for 33 in 33. I will be introducing each poster and doing all the behind the scenes work.  I am having a great time working with everyone and the enthusiasm they bring.

Each poster has total creative freedom on the jam they chose and what they wanted to write.  Except for two things…

1.) They have to state their favorite version of Ghost

2.) There is a minimum of one GIF per post (pronounced with a hard G)

It is my site after all…

Each post will be released at 9am EST.  You can follow me on Twitter @LawnMemo or join our facebook group at

We start June 1st with DCU 1 and a new post each day of the following show for every single day till Bangor…

Let’s Get to Work!



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