The Daily Ghost

What to Expect From The Daily Ghost Moving Forward…

All one hundred thirteen (including #0 Brad Sands) Ghosts that have been played have been reviewed!!!  What a journey it has been!

A ton of people have asked me what I am going to do next.  That in itself is humbling, knowing people liked this enough for me to want to continue doing something else.  So here is what I can tell you…

  1. I will be keeping this site up for everyone to use, however they want.  
  2. I will be reviewing each future Ghost after it is played.  Hopefully I have a ton more reviews to do!
  3. In the next couple weeks/months) you can look for this and possibly more
  • I will be power ranking every single Ghost.  0-112 in order of my personal preference.  One giant list.  This may take a while.
  • @KernelForbin and I will be creating a Mega Ghost mix of all my favorite sections from Ghost.  This may be 7 hours long.
  • Top 5 lists of different catergories such as…                                         (Top Peaks, Deep Funk, Space Ghosts etc)
  • A download of every @KernelForbin Ghost remaster in one big download.  We did this for Christmas for the first 50.
  • Anything else you have ideas for let me know


I will not be hanging things up forever, other than the things listed above I will be taking a bit of a break.  No worries, though.  I have a lot things I want to write about, and will be posting articles from time to time on different topics.

Now the big announcement…

Well, not really…

I will be involved in another project, in the not so distant future.  I will be involved with a big group of people and it is going to be a massive project.  It will make The Daily Ghost, look like a children’s book.  I can’t tell you much more than that, but it should be a ton of fun.  There are a ton of details to work out yet.  Just so you know…it is not The Daily Tweezer…

Finally, I need to give some major thanks.

My Daily Ghost Team of @Manning422, @KernelForbin, and @DJGoocher put in a INSANE amount of work to help me with this.  I could have never done this without their help.  If you don’t follow them on twitter you should.  Great Phans and even better people.

I did a massive thank you post for Thanksgiving, so I don’t want to turn this post into that.  Instead, I would like to re-thank all of you from that post

To all of you, who have given me such kind words, and spread the word about The Daily Ghost, I love you all.  I hope to meet a bunch of you on Summer Tour!

Look for the helmet…