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What the Frig is Going On?

What the frig is going on with our community?  There is some CRAZY negative energy out there, and I just don’t understand why.  This rant/commentary certainly does not apply to everyone or maybe even the majority.

We are in the 30th year of Phish.  THE 30TH YEAR!!! That is a long fucking time!  1994 Phish is not walking through that door.  1997 Phish is not walking through that door.  Guess what?  I don’t want them to either.  2013 is a completely different sound and I am grateful for that.  A band that doesn’t settle, working to try new sounds and styles, is one that thinks critically about what they are doing.

I couldn’t be more pumped about the direction in which they are headed.  Page is 50 years old yet I can easily argue that he is playing some of the best music of his career.  Hell he even did this just last year…

Mike on a regular basis draws incredible reviews, and may also be playing HIS best ever.

Yet all over this beautiful internet, and with people in passing at shows, I hear so much negative criticism.  Stuff like…

1.)  They didn’t play (insert song), or I hated (insert song).

Phish has 1200+ songs at their disposal.  They are not going to play every song you want to hear.  Talking about how you HAVE to hear this song, or how you don’t like such and such song at the show does ZERO good.  A wiser man than me once said “It is not what they play, but HOW they play it.”

LM Tip:  If you hate a song, look around you.  I bet someone around you is stoked they are playing it.  Different songs have different meanings to people.  If you don’t enjoy the song, enjoy the people around you that are.  Connect with them.

2.)  I don’t like Trey’s new sound, etc.

Guess what?  If Phish didn’t try new things, sounds, equipment styles, some of the things we love would have never have existed.  Yes, some of you don’t like Trey’s new whale/bending or whatever you call it.  I actually think it is cool.  Not to mention, we are just FOUR shows in.  Who the hell knows where this will go.  It will evolve, I will bet you that.  Let the man have some freedom.  I hate the status quo.  Mix it up fellas.

LM Tip:  Some people hated ’97 Cow Funk when it started….

3.)  Miner is such a fluffer, hater, etc.

Miner is one person.  One person, who cranks out reviews while I am enjoying my sleep and/or partying.  I can count on death, taxes, and Miner’s reviews.  They are there for my entertainment.  I read them because I enjoy it.  Have I agreed with everything he has ever wrote?  HELL NO.  I do however think his reviews are well thought out, well written, and I love reliving the shows through his writing.  Sometimes though he writes EXACTLY what I am thinking and reading his review is like watching my thoughts on my computer screen.

LM Tip: If you want to read Miner (or any other blogger, including me) keep your own opinions.  Those of us that choose to write, offer one opinion and one opinion only.  You should NEVER let anyone detract from an awesome experience if you thought differently about it.

4.)  When did it be “cool” to be a Phish hater?

Even after transcending jams, that we are so blessed on this Earth to hear, it somehow makes you “cooler” if you criticize it.  Guess what?  Not with me.  You are more than welcome to make any negative comment to me about any aspect of life or Phish.  Just don’t do with out backing it up.  Even more important do it with some tact/grace.  That jam, show, experience didn’t do it for you?  It did for some else.  Be respectful of that.

Want to know what I think is “cool”.  People that LOVE THE BAND.  Want examples?  Follow @drewphish.  His enthusiasm is incredible.  Phish is important to him and breathes life into him.  Follow him on twitter and I guarantee you come away thinking “I would love to hang with that guy at a show”.  That is “cool”.

@Tmwsiy has seen almost 300 shows.  Been around the block, seen it all.  Yet when Phish plays an outstanding jam, I feel like he gets excited as if he is at his first show.

Read to read about Caravan’s incredible stories from shows long ago.  300+ shows yet he is more pumped about 2013 Phish then almost anyone I know.  He is counting down the minutes till he sees them for the first time this year.

THAT is what “cool” is.

5.)  This need for comparing this jam to that jam, this show to that show.

If the jam is good, it is good.  End of story.  I love a good debate and like talking about what are some of “the best” Ghosts.  It can be fun.  It can also be awful.  I see people just attack others because they think something is better or worse than something else.  This constant “Oh SPAC Light was good, but not as good as Bill Graham, or Dick’s”.  WHO CARES?  Just enjoy it!  You now have a sweet jam to listen to for the rest of your life.  Pretty awesome to me.

LM Tip:  Want to make friends quick? Instead of talking about jams you have seen talk about jams the person you are talking to has seen.

So maybe this was a bit harsh, and maybe I am bit tired from my trip to Toronto yesterday.  If so, I apologize.  Just some of MY opinions I wanted to get out there.

That being said, there are so many AMAZING people that still make this the best community in the world.

Regardless I am PUMPED to for couch tour tonight.  I love Phish!  The music is incredible and it is a great time to be a fan!