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Welcome to 25 in 25 The Jams of Summer 2014!


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are back!  This is the 3rd year of recapping jams from the previous summer tour! Time to count down 25 days until Summer Tour 2015!  25 days! I won’t be seeing Phish until August, so it is hard for me to believe that tour is that close! On the heels of the incredible Vegas run, rocking Miami New Years run, Trey’s Dead shows and this Rolling Stone Interview, this ice cream eating Phish fan is pretty excited!

The format will stay exactly the same.  Every show from 2014’s Summer Tour will feature a writeup from a different writer featuring one jam from that show.  We post one show/jam every day which leads us right up to Summer Tour 2015.  As in previous years we have a mix of returning writers and some people writing for the first time.  Enough of my babble, first post will be up shortly!

Let’s get this show on the road!

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Side Note-Thanks for all the support on this project.  Many of you wrote me and told me how much you wanted me to bring this back. I appreciate the kind words!  Much love!