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Welcome to 25 in 25: The Jams of the Summer 2016 Tour!

We are back for the 5th straight year of recapping the jams from the previous summer tour.  Holy crap!  5 years already?  That is half a decade.  #collegeeducation

If you are new to this series or have killed a lot of brain cells since last summer, here is how things work.  25 different writers will cover a jam (or segment) from each show from the summer tour of 2016.  One jam per day which will conclude the first day of summer tour 2017 on July 14th, the first day of Chicago.  All posts will go up on the

So take a moment each day, read someone else’s hard work, and remember the great moments from last summer.  It is a fantastic way to get pumped for all the upcoming shows!

You can find all the previous years recaps at

We are only 25 days away from some fresh Phish!


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