The Daily Ghost

Welcome to 25 in 25 The Jams of the Summer 2015!

We are back for the 4th straight year recapping the jams of the previous summer!  25 different writers will cover a jam from each show from the historic summer tour of 2015.  Each day until starts June 22nd at St. Paul will have a post focusing on a jam or segment that made last summer so special.

There isn’t any other way that gets me more excited for the upcoming tour then revisiting the previous summer.  2015 was really one for the ages and I look forward to the upcoming write-ups.

We have a mix of returning writers and some people posting on the interwebz for the first time.  So get ready everyone!  Gifs, jamz, and run on sentences await!

Happy 25 days until tour starts! Let’s get this party started!