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Welcome to 21 in 21: The Jams of the Summer 2018 Tour!


Welcome back to our 7th straight year!!!!!

If you are new to the series or have been following Phish long enough to have early onset dementia, here is how things work.  21 different writers with cover a jam from each show from the Summer Tour of 2018.  Each show will be covered by a different writer and we will post one per day (Monday-Friday) starting tomorrow May 14th and concluding the first day of Summer 2019 Tour, June 11th.

I find the best way to get excited for the upcoming summer tour is to revisit the previous summer tour.

So take a moment each day, read someone else’s hard work, and remember the great moments from last summer.  It is a fantastic way to get pumped for all the upcoming shows!

Summer Tour is coming and nothing can stop us!