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Welcome to 21 in 21: The Jams of the Summer 2017 Tour!


We are back for the 6th straight year!!!!! We will be recapping jams from last summer tour.  This should be an especially fun year with the quality of shows from last summer and of course, The Baker’s Dozen run.

If you are new to the series or have been following Phish long enough to have early onset dementia, here is how things work.  21 different writers with cover a jam from each show from the Summer Tour of 2017.  One jam covered by one writer per day (Monday-Friday) starting Tuesday June 19th and concluding on the first day of Summer 2018 tour, Tuesday July 17th.

The purpose of this essay series is to get you pumped for this summer by revisiting how awesome last summer was.

So take a moment each day, read someone else’s hard work, and remember the great moments from last summer.  It is a fantastic way to get pumped for all the upcoming shows!

You can find all the previous years recaps at

All the previous years can be found on the homepage under the “Summer Jams” tab at the top.

It’s almost time for new Phish!

Jump in!