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Welcome to 2001: A Jam Chart Odyssey

Welcome to the quest for the best of the best of “2001!”  I was graciously asked to re-work the “2001” jam chart for @phishnet since “2001” is my all time favorite song to hear live (yes even more than “Ghost”).  It’s got everything!  Jams, teases, insane dance parties, killer lights, and sometimes butter segues.  

I have curated a Panel of dedicated team members and we are listening to every single version of “2001” determining which versions will eventually make our exclusive chart.  

I started the process with live tweets regarding my thoughts on each version, but felt that would get a little overwhelming.  I re-evaluated, and have decided to do a blog post with summaries for each year.  Eventually we will make all of our work public, in case someone wants to seriously nerd out.


The beginning life of “2001” was much different than it’s life as we know it today.  Interesting points from 93…

1.)  Every single version was the set opener.  19 Second Set openers and 2 First Set openers.  “2001” was much better at opening than Karl 

2.)  “2001” was a serious launching pad.  Some killer segues into “Split Open and Melt,” “Tweezer,” and “Mike’s Song” were major tone setters.  You can hear the crowd reaction as each of those monsters began.  

3.)  Very, very little improvisation in 1993.  You could probably add up all the improv combined from 1993 and it would still be shorter than a 3.0 “Tube.” The song’s role was to set the table and therefore was played tight and with energy.  

4.)  Phish debuted “2001” and then played it A LOT.  The first ten versions were at 10 consecutive shows!!! That’s right they played it at every single show!  

So that’s about it for every version of “2001” played in 1993.  Not much to talk about on the jamming side, but damn what a set opener it was!  I’ll be back soon with 1994 thoughts 

Stay Tuned!