The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost Gives Thanks On Thanksgiving

The Daily Ghost has become a huge success and I have many people I wish to thank….What better time than Thanksgiving!!! I am thankful for….

1.) My Daily Ghost team (@Manning422-Editor, general consultant @DJGoocher Site Design, upkeep @KernelForbin Sound @VentilatorBlues Icon design, backup proofreader @UnclePhilsBlog Consultant, proofreader)

2.) Scotty B for helping me out in the early stages and directing a ton of traffic to my site.  Scotty also helped me out tremendously with the Brad Sands article and continues to be a great source of information.  He is the best in the business.

3.) for posting my article on their website and the kind words many of the admins have had to say about the TDG.  Also, for the amount of time over the years compiling setlists and data so a project like the TDG can be created.  Last to @Doctor_Smarty who wrote a fantastic Ghost song history, and did a killer job with his jam chart.  A huge reference for me.

3.) My girlfriend for being amazing.  For not being a hugh Phish head she is an amazing supporter.  I am a very lucky man.

4.) For Brad Sands taking the time out to give insight to the first ever Ghost.

5.)  All the people that contribute in the Phish community and make it such an awesome place.  Many have helped me build an audience.  Especially @Phish_Forum @OhKeePahBlog @TheBabysMouth @rphish @mrminer @OnlinePhishTour @phishvids @phishvideocol @surrendertheflow @backinmydaynet.  Other favorites of mine..@coventrymusic @tweeterreprise @ericwyman @tmwsiy @mkdevo @itsryanandken

6.) For the best place to listen to Phish on the internet.  So many people from that room have retweeted me, turned others on to my site, and helped in whatever way they could.  If you have never tried it, you are missing out.  It is an amazing group of Phish fans that play fantastic music.  Paug, Noze, Sweet, Puff, CD, EW, Sho, Emil, DWD, YEM, Josip, TJ, Gator, Bang, Pearl, RedRocks, Run, Pages, Cryp, Kari, Conor, Chad, Jaybone, Spenny, Bombs, Crab, JB, H20, Rocky, Toby, Syra, Moo, Punch, Riker, DL, EX, D1R,Jesse, Rhino, Melissa, Aphro, Mallory and everyone else you totally rock and Love you all!!

7.) For an incredible group of dedicated followers that retweet me, make comments, and provide me feedback.  Thanks to each and every one of you but special thanks to @westbrook @gr8fulgolfer @StowellMyShoes @chefstevejudd @marpua @stillwading @arinic05 @casiak @purejett @ashstarr88 @dianna_2Ns @blissPhish @pastasalad @menzotoliosis @stimbuck @gumbo72203 @unclesam88.  I also have a lot of Facebook followers that follow me than I don’t feel comfortable mentioning by name on here.  Just know I appreciate it!

8.) School of Phish, reddit, forum,, and yes even PT for the great support you have showed me.

9.) My amazing Phish touring crew of Ship,Noid,Mandy,Acton,Bail,Pdie,Scoot,Justin,Joel,Francherstein,Miggs,Bern,Joe D, John D and special shout to Betts, and Nina!  Love you all!

10.) For my favorite local Buffalo Local Band, Aqueous, for providing me with great music and fantastic shows.  If you live in Chicago also make sure you check out Brown Bag another great up and coming band.

11.)  For Tom Marshall and Phish for writing, and then crushing the song that led to this!

To Everyone else I did not name individually and anyone I forgot I apologize.  A lot of booze was consumed with my family this evening!  Just know that I love you all and appreciate each an every one of you.  Happy Thanksgiving!!