The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #97 10/31/2010 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

(AUD Download @KernelForbin Remaster)

Background (Set: 1 of 3 – Song: 3 of 10 – Show Gap: 3)

One of the most famous versions of Ghost from 3.0 with a bust out segue of Spooky.  Ghost hits early in the first set of Halloween.  The segue and all of Spooky is included.


Composed Section (0:00-3:20)

Trey gets things going and it doesn’t take long for the band to follow.  Page is particularly noticeable, he is sounding slanky and ready to get this party started on Halloween.  The pace is a bit slower as a result.

The solo section is a good Mike and Page funk party.  Nothing over the top but a nice solid groove.

The lead in is much better and is pretty solid.  The pause is a bit longer than normal and is pretty quiet.  The drop in is miss-timed but not a full fledged train wreck.  Not exactly nailed though, that is for sure.

Jazz Groove>Spooky (3:21-8:15)

A couple measures of sectioned off jamming gets this jam started.  At 3:50 Page moves to the piano and steers the jam towards the usual breakdown.  Things get minimal quickly with Page providing the early steam.  He also provides some nice jazzy melodies to get things started.

Everyone else is searching and providing some background for Page to start.  At 4:30, Trey finds a tone he loves to use during these jazzy, broken down sections.  He moves outward slowly and finds a nice space to work.  Trey’s playing is quite nice.  The interplay between Trey, Mike, and Page is quite nice.

Just as things start to get locked in at around the 5:11 mark, the band starts to explore a bit.  Page gets stronger, but Trey seems to be a bit lost.  Mike and Page are the stars for me here, doing a great job producing solid melodies that work with Trey.

Even as the band goes exploring for a bit, the jam stays in this jazzy groove
pocket.  I appreciate the work of Page and Mike the most, but this jam is balanced.  Everyone is working equally, and they are easy to pick out.

Fish starts to pick up the pace around the 6:54 mark, and then Trey starts to repeat some notes.  Trey adds plenty of tension and it certainly feels like when he releases, the peak will have arrived.  Instead, when he comes away, the jam stays in the same groove, just at an increased tempo.

It doesn’t do a whole lot from there though, instead it seems lost.  That is until….Is that?

Is that?

Trey drops the first Spooky lick at 7:56.  Time for a MONSTER bust out, 751 shows!  He slowly works it into the jazzy groove that this Ghost has been.  The segue is nice, patient and carried out to perfection.  Spooky on Halloween?  Goes together like Kate Upton’s Left and Right breasts.

Nicely Done Phish!

Final Thoughts

This Ghost is all about the segue and ensuing Spooky.  The Ghost is not much by itself, and is really just one jazzy groove.  Sometimes a jam doesn’t have to be groundbreaking for it to be memorable.  Everyone remembers this Ghost for the Spooky.  It was awesome.  But when looking at only the Ghost for score purposes, it just doesn’t have a whole lot to offer.

Score: 7.3