The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #96 10/26/2010 Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, NH

(AUD Download @KernelForbin Remaster)

Background (Set: 2 of 2 – Song: 9 of 12 – Show Gap: 10)

After a long 10 show gap, Ghost is placed in the middle of the segue fest at Manchester.  All of the segues and songs after Ghost are included.  The Weekapaug Groove contains teases of Ghost and Night Nurse, and a Can’t You Me Knocking Jam.  I love this show!


Composed Section (0:00-3:35)

Trey gets Ghost moving and it takes a bit for Mike and Fish to jump in.  When Ghost takes full shape, it has a bit of an uptempo feel.

The solo section has a cool slower pace to it, with Page getting funky.  Mike jumps in a serious funk party goes down.  Very nice.  Bring the funk!

The lead isn’t so bad.  The pause is pretty long, and gets some Fish and Trey
during it.  The drop in is a bit rough, but certainly not a full blown train wreck.  Its sad that a part of the composed section has been so bad, that when they miss it by only a little, I am excited.  On to the jam.

Easy Like Jenna Jameson (3:36-6:17)

The jam goes the route so many Ghosts before it have gone.  It breaks down almost immediately.  At the 3:45 mark, Mike lays down a deep bass walkway and Page walks down it with the piano.

At 4:07, the band builds some light tension to carve even more jamming space for themselves.  When it releases around 4:21, the band locks into a real nice groove.  An extremely balanced jam takes place that is easy on the ears.

They then elect to build a bit more tension at the 4:45 mark.  When Trey comes away, the smooooooth groove continues.  Around the 5:10 mark, Mike starts to really attack on the bass.  The smooth groove starts to get more power.

After Trey adds a bit more tension around 5:30, things begin to gather more steam at the 5:58 mark.  The bass attack from Mike has picked up the intensity.

Whoa, I went to turn my volume up just now, and hit it to full power by accident.  I now may be legally deaf.  Thank you Shure headphones.  You just cost me my hearing.

A nice funky, groovy, jam is in full swing by the 6:00 minute mark.  I am a big fan of the balance in this section.  I can easily pick out each band member, and I am bouncing back and forth between each one.

The Build (6:18-8:39)

At 6:18, the jam slows for a bit before collecting some energy to get things rocking.  Trey comes blistering back at 6:35, and things have certainly picked up.  Page adds a flurry of piano melodies.

At 6:53, the band starts to create more tension, with Page and Mike doing most of the work.  Trey is soloing over those two while they build and build.  At 7:22, Fish starts to give this build a kick in the ass.  He picks up the intensity and forces things quicker.

At 7:35, another big tension moment, that seems like it will release to the peak.  Instead, Trey does some soloing, and the rest of the band continues to work at building things with even more power.

As Page holds down some chords and creates all sorts of space, Trey finally starts the final build at 8:23.  Trey plays a quick set of notes over and over, and NOW it is time to rock!!!!

It is time to set some tables….

Peak (8:40-11:23)

When Trey releases that tension, things are officially on!  Trey gets into attack mode, and the rest of the band is right there with him.  An onslaught from the entire band begins and they are kicking some arse!!!

Quick nobody is looking!

The band goes up another level at 8:50, before Trey creates more tension.  Fish drops the fill at 9:07 and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now this a party!!!

The jam then goes up one more time at 9:20.  After they come off that last build, the jam begins it trek downward.

The jam works its way in bliss city.  Trey’s playing is glorious.  A gorgeous tone with just the right amount of notes.  Fish gives him an outstanding path to work on, and Page sprinkles in his piano beautifully.

Just a gorgeous Ghost outro.  It makes me want to ride out into the sunset. Another entry into the great Ghost outro sections.  Great stuff.

At 11:23, Trey begins the first lick into Mango Song.  The segue is patient and takes it’s time.  Mango Song is not an easy song to segue into, this time it is creative and one I really enjoy.  The rest of the set is fantastic so be sure  you let it play.

Final Thoughts

A solid Ghost that is well played throughout.  It follows the traditional formula of groove>build>peak>outro.  No section is at the top of the heap but each one is good.  It sets the tone for the rest of the awesome clip we have included.  Good Ghost that gets the job done.

Score: 8.5