The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #94 08/15/2010 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI

(AUD Download @KernelForbin Remaster)

Background (Set: 2 of 2 – Song: 1 of 8 – Show Gap: 7)

Ghost leads off the second set after a seven show gap.  The segue and all of Theme From the Bottom have been included.


Composed Section (0:00-3:42)

Trey gets things started with a couple of awkward notes.  When Mike comes in, things start to go much smoother.  A decent length intro jam begins and Ghost takes on an average pace.

The solo section has some funk links from Trey and Page on the clav.  Mike enters later, but nothing exceptional comes of it.  Below average solo section.  Just seemed uninspired.

The lead in is better than our last version, but it is a touch off at the end.  OK…we can do this….better lead in…you got this!  Nope…

Oh good…more laughing.  Just keep laughing at how bad you butcher the drop.  Is it possible they just do it on purpose?  I hope that is the explanation.  That would be cool, otherwise it is very uncool.

Ok… But I Think I will Just Take a Nap (3:43-9:12)

The jam wastes zero time in breaking down.  Mike finds a deep, deep tone to lead the way down.  Page sticks on the clav as Trey solos lightly.  An easy groove takes takes shape.

The band sits down in this lower altitude space and looks around.  The band stays patient and just lets the groove flow.  Nothing mind blowing but some solid jamming.

Trey starts to wander around at the 6:00 minute mark.  As things start to lose some focus Trey plays a nooooooooooooote at the 5:25 mark.  Mike hammers in behind him, and helps bring this jam back.  Page also switches to the piano during it and helps add some life.

The jam finds it, for a bit but then ventures back astray.  Some decent jamming, but again nothing that leaves me awe struck.  A lot of noodling around, at no point do I feel like everyone is locked in and moving on the same page.

Trust me this is no Sample in a Jar but I expect much more out of Ghost.  I want things to find that that special something that few other songs find.  Not meander around in a type one noodle-fest.

I know that Ghost is not doing it for me when I struggle to find things to write.  When Ghost is clicking, I can’t stop writing, and I am smiling from ear to ear.  I debated about writing about ramen noodles here…

At 8:30, the jam begins to build.  The pace has picked up but things still fill disjointed to me.  Things do start to get better though.

Awoke from Nap to Rock My Socks Off (9:13-11:40)

After the jam goes up, Trey releases nicely and I feel much better.  Trey finds a much better attack and things begin to click.  It is not all Trey either, the rest of the band is in sync as well.  Some strong contributions from all four gets things rocking.

By the 9:30 mark, I have gone from taking a nap to…

Gif in honor of me being a Mariners fan and hopefully a Mariners/Gorge Trip for this upcoming tour



Now we are talking!  The band is NOW locked in.  This is getting more exciting by the second…

At the 9:55 mark, Trey repeats and sends this into crazy fast build mode!!! HERE WE GO!!!! At 10:12!!!!

Damn that got hot in a hurry!!! I didn’t just wake up from my nap for that peak, I was jolted by a defibrillator.  Man Trey, that is what I am talking about!!!

The entire band is in full rage mode.  It is like we were at a complete sausage fest party, and the hottest girl just walked in and flirted with everyone.

Another screamer from Trey at 10:42.  That was awesome.  10:00-11:00 is one bad ass minute of Phish.  LawnMemo claps.

Then the band works the jam downward into some ambient space.  As things begin to get more and more out there, Trey starts to play the intro to Theme From the Bottom at the 11:40 mark.  The band waits a bit before joining him.

Final Thoughts

Talk about a tale of two halves?  The first section just noodles around and never finds anything substantial.  But when the peak comes?  Look OUT!  That 10:00-11:00 mark is pure fire.  Sometimes is just takes longer to find it.  Still can’t give it a great score when that represents such a small portion of this Ghost.

Score: 8.2