The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #87 11/21/2009 U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH

(AUD Download @KernelForbin Remaster)

Background (Set: 2 of 2 – Song: 2 of 8 – Show Gap: 4)

Ghost is moved to the beginning of the second set. The end segue from Rock and Roll has been included.  The segue, and entire If I Could is also included.


Composed Section (0:20-3:56)

Trey starts the lick to Ghost at about the 0:20 mark of the clip as the end of Rock and Roll fizzles out.  Starting out things are not very pretty, but once the rest of the band enters things get better.  A decent length intro jam breaks out.  The pace is a bit faster than normal.

The solo section gets the usual funk from Page, but Trey is much more lively than normal.  Mike throws down a bit towards the end, rounding out a very solid jam.  Nicely done.

The lead in is once again much better.  The pause gets some feedback from Trey plus a little Fish, and then….

So Bad.  Are they even trying?  Is it really that hard?  87 Ghosts and you cannot hit the drop?  Aren’t they supposed to be sober?  Pure train wreck.  At least they have figured out how to get back on track after such crap.  Kudos for that…

Jazzy Meandering (3:57-6:48)

The jam begins with the customary sectioned off jamming.  Page continues on the clav and Trey’s begins to solo.  After a bunch of Fish fills they band finally decides to break it down.  At the 4:27 mark, Trey holds a note, Fish slows things down, and Page moves to the piano.

A nice bluesy, jazzy jam breaks out and with everyone just playing minimally.  I dig these jams and love to just float away to them.

Mike is the highlight of this for me.  His playing is perfectly timed with a nice deep powerful tone.  The jam sits down in this low key space and works to find the right direction upward.

Trey is leading through this initial section, while Page tries to find himself.  Around the 6:00 mark, Page switches to the piano and starts to pick up steam into this jam.

After a bunch of soloing, Trey finds a lick that he repeats at 6:15 allowing Page to enter into this jam even more.  Brilliant move from Trey.  No need to do all the work yourself.  From that point forward, Page just nails things.  Trey was mindlessly soloing away.  Trey taking the time to give the others space is what changed the tone of this jam.  That a boy Trey!

YESSSS!!! (6:49-10:57)

Trey starts to play a blissful melody at 6:38, while Page layers gorgeous melodies over it.  Fish drops a fill at 6:50, that Trey then plays a spine tingling melody to.  Just awesome.  I love that lick from Trey so much.  The beat isn’t really that rocking, but that lick makes me want to get up and dance my ass off.  I thought Trey’s playing was not his best in the first section.  That has changed, his notes are now well chosen fitting this jam perfectly.

Page, with his new found space, rocks things on the piano.  Mike is also working beautifully between Trey and Page.  This jam has found a nice place and I am a happy Memo.

You can hear Fish dropping fills and using them to pick up the pace.  He is doing an amazing job of keeping the beat during this jam, yet pushing things  forward to the peak.  The build is natural and flowing, instead of rushed.  We owe that to Fish.

After a fill at 8:00, things are really flying.  Another fill at 8:15 and I am dancing harder by the measure.  A run upward at 8:30, and I have grabbed my helmet (Yes, I really wear a helmet at shows).  The band is locked in and this gorgeous.  I grabbed the helmet because I could sense what was coming…

At 8:54…

WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good thing I put my helmet on!  Trey fires his machine gun an this baby is set a blaze!!!

The jam goes to overdrive and we have reached face melting territory.  Fish is beating the jelly out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Page is using a sledgehammer to hit the keys.  Trey is shredding like he is in 20’s.

This section deserves more gifs!!!!

At 9:38 my mind explodes.  Page plays something from Jupiter.  I am assuming a melody from Jupiter is 100% ass kicking for purposes of that analogy.  WOW, I love Phish!!!!

Page continues to reign down unearthly melodies.  He might have been a small part of the equation in the first section.  Now he is the equation Piano+Page=Mind Blown.

I have to say everyone really contributes to this peak, and it 100% rocking Phish.  Trey shreds, Fish plays with 44 arms, Page is blasting the keys, and Mike is moving up and down scales like a Ferrari.

Then out of nowhere at 10:38, Trey plays a long note.  From there things go to a grinding halt.  I have ZERO idea why they needed to end things so abruptly.  A nice outro there would have been awesome, instead they segue (nicely) into If I Could.  I guess they needed to catch their breath.

Final Thoughts

2009 Ghosts.  Slow jam, build, great peak.  This Ghost takes a bit to hit its stride but when it does, just a rocking peak.  The abrupt ending and the so-so opening jam hold this back from the highest of scores.  If you are looking for a couple minutes of fire though, there are a couple here for you.

Score: 8.6