The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #83 06/20/2009 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI

(AUD Download @KernelForbin Remaster)

Background (Set: 2 of 2 – Song: 5 of 11 – Show Gap: 4)

Ghost is placed in the middle of the second set.  The Segue into The Lizards has been included.


Composed Section (0:00-3:44)

Again, Trey is the one to get this version started.  Mike enters slowly and when Fish enters, Ghost really takes shape.  A little funk jam breaks out before the vocals.  Some nice clav work again from Page.

The pace is a touch slower than at Asheville’s.  Page takes the lead in the solo section and he is the dominant force.  Trey and Mike provide backup while adding a bit of flavor.  Nothing special.

The lead up to the pause is sloppy.  The actual pause is about average.  Then the drop…

Yeah that was ugly….

Fish is wayyyyyy earlier than everyone else.  I must say they do recover fairly quickly but that was pitiful.  At least I got throw a train-wreck gif out there.  Those are my favorites!

Page and Trey lead the Way (3:45-7:44)

The jam gets a couple of lightly sectioned off measures to start.  Page begins things on the piano and quickly moves to the clav.  He adds some funk into the mix while Trey solos lightly.  Fish provides a slow beat for this opening jam to take shape.

At 4:12, Page moves back to the piano and the result is a bluesy jam.  Trey has that classic blues tone working, and moves to some nice soloing.  Page gives him plenty of support.  As we have seen many times, great interplay between Trey and Page is on display here.  Both are at the top of their game and each note seems to fall into place.  It is bluesy, yet I am bobbing and weaving in my chair.

The interplay between Trey and Page dominates this early jam section.  It is blissful, bluesy, groovy, and even a touch funky.  I like these sections that make me feel different things.  I want to sit back an appreciate the interplay, yet get up and dance, and still at the same time float away and forget all my cares.  Phish makes people feel different things.  Sometimes it makes me feel like 10 things all at the same time!

Around the 5:55 mark, Trey starts to repeat a lick and begins to build things up a bit.  Nothing crazy but you can sense him pushing to keep things moving upward.

Fish changes the beat at the 6:18 mark and throws in some cymbal work.  Quite often, Fish likes to use this beat to build some tension and get the build going a bit faster.  Then he unloads on a peak.

Sure enough, the band meanders through here for a bit.  Slowly building some tension.  Fish drops a fill at 6:58, and Trey begins to create some serious tension.  Another fill from Fish at 7:15.  This time Page greets him with a nice piano chord.  Page begins to work some tension into this jam and more tension from Trey is heard at 7:23.

More Peaking!!! (7:45-11:58)

At 7:45, Trey lets loose with a beautiful melody and this jam begins to take off.  Page follows him beautifully and there is more tremendous interplay from the two that takes place.  Time for this baby to start cooking…

Time to take a few moments to give Mike Gordon some love.  Typically when such great interplay between Trey and Page takes place, it is because of the freedom Mike gives them.  Such is the case in this Ghost.  Each run from Mike gives the structure needed for Trey and Page to work around.  He is pure money.

Some more tension building at the 8:15 mark.  Trey lets a touch of air out while Fish slows things down.  Then Fishman gives the “F-THIS time to go” at 8:43.  He lays a monster fill and Trey jumps on it and HERE WE GO!!!!

Trey rips a soaring melody and Page demolishes the keys right behind him.  Fish is changing up between beats that are fast then slow and this thing just rocks!!!  Damn 2009 Ghosts…you know how to peak!!!  I find it tough to write during these peaks.  All I want to do is jump up and down and thank the lord I have a pair of headphones on.

An incredible lick from Trey at 9:30, is met with pure power from the rest of the band.  Trey soars with it, but man is the rest of the band beating the crap out of this peak.  LOCKED IN.

At 9:50 Trey repeats a lick that instantly builds more tension into this jam.  Page moves to the organ and holds some chords, as Fish starts to annihilate his kit.  You know what this means, more peak yet to come!!!!

Page throws down some monster piano chords at the 10:05 mark and Trey starts to climb.  More ass kicking work from Fish and this jam just keeps getting better.  It sounds like Page is hitting his piano keys with an anvil, he is hitting them so hard.  This is a full band power peak.  Monster!!!  I can’t take this anymore!

I am spent…That was awesome.

Things start to wind down at about the 11:15 mark.  Page lays down another gorgeous melody and then Trey starts to counter with some funk licks.  The jam doesn’t move very far downward however.  A wonderful treat awaits at the end of this Ghost…

An awesome segue into Lizards!!!  Wooo!

Final Thoughts

Four for four on great versions in 2009.  A short Ghost clocking in under 12 minutes, but one that moves quickly and has another outstanding peak.  The 2009 formula of Groove jam>Build>Peak is on full display.  It works well.  Throw in a great segue into The Lizards and this reviewer is very happy.

Score: 8.9