The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #73 11/28/2003 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

(AUD Download @KernelForbin Remaster)

Background (Set: 1 of 2 – Song: 3 of 9 – Show Gap: 1)

After the monster Ghost at IT, it is easy to see why the song was played at the very next show.  The band couldn’t wait to bust it out so they moved it up to the first set.  The awesome segue into What’s The Use? with the entire track is also included.


Composed Section (0:00-4:07)

Trey gets things started and then Mike gives a couple of warm up notes.  Fishman counts things off and then enters the picture.  Ghost starts to take shape from there.  It has an upbeat tempo and you can tell there is first set life to this right away.

The solo section gets some serious funk from Page.  Trey plays some awesome dirty melodies and Mike adds just the right amount of background. That is one of my favorite solo sections.  Great stuff.

The pause has Trey playing throughout it.  That is the first time we have seen that much from Trey during the pause, and when they drop in…NAILED.  That was HOT!!! Energy created!  Let’s do this!

More Trey and Page Beauty (4:08-7:00)

As was evident in the intro, you can tell Trey is ready to get after this one.  He starts some big time soloing right away and is complemented by Page’s piano.  No sectioned off jamming needed.  They hit this jam full speed running (thanks in part to the nailed drop).

Trey and Page are in perfect harmony right from the start.  The “dirty 2.0” Trey sound makes Page’s piano sound so much brighter.  It takes Page’s piano down an even more beautiful, and more lively path.

A nice slow beat from Fish and Mike provide a ton of creative room for Trey and Page.  Trey’s tone isn’t as dirty as parts of the IT Ghost, but instead his tone has some light to it.  I am already a happy camper.   I love that line, “happy camper”.  I need to use it more often.  This jam is rock solid and everyone is playing off each other beautifully.

Around the 6:00 mark, Page plays a melody that stops my ears in their tracks.  Just gorgeous.  Combine that with a beautiful tone from Trey, while Mike is working the tempo perfectly an you get this outstanding section.  Top marks.

Gorgeous interplay and heavenly piano in this section make me feel like this…

Well…If I was a good looking college chick anyways.   Regardless, I can’t help it but smile.  Great stuff!

A bit more Trey and Page Love before the Underground Groove (7:01-9:19)

Around 7:03, Trey starts to hold some long dirty notes, changing things up.  With each held note, Page crushes the piano even stronger.  He is once again just killing this jam.  At 7:35 Trey releases and goes into rock star mode.  He rips a couple sick riffs before getting back to holding some more notes.

This is more tremendous interplay from the band, and they have been pretty much locked in from the start.  Everything is flowing beautifully and moves effortlessly.

At 8:05, Trey starts to repeat a lick and the jam changes drastically.  As Trey does that, Fishman starts to work the jam downward.  Fish continues to slow things down measure by measure.  Page moves to playing some chords on the organ, and you can tell downward is where the jam is heading.  Mike follows suit with some space bass just to make sure.

Climbing out of the Underground to Space>WTU? (9:20-14:11)

By about the 9:20 mark, things have gotten pretty spacey.  There is very little going on, and a minimalist groove breaks out.  Seems like we are drifting through space and digging underground at the same time.

Trey starts to lead the way out at the 9:45 mark, interjecting a power funk lick.  Super nasty lick that gains power each time he plays it.  That baby gets me moving!!!

This is how you move out of a spacey jam.  Page gives just enough background funk for Trey and Mike to start crushing it harder with each note.  Fish moves right with them and really picks up the pace.  MAN I LOVE 9:35-10:40.  That is some bad ass, power Ginger.  I probably just listened to that about 50 times.

The new Die Hard looks as bad as that last minute was good.  #AwfulMovies

With Fishman murdering his cymbals, Trey comes away from that power lick at 10:43.  Fishman continues to play at an insane pace.  Trey then moves to a rusty chain, spacey tone and Page sprinkles in some piano raindrops.

Things build and build with Trey doing some nutzo stuff.  It is a unique sound Trey produces.  It sounds like he has replaced his guitar with a chainsaw…By the 11:05 mark, that sucker is really buzzing!!!

I guess we are going with a Simpsons violence theme on the gifs tonight.

This is certainly a crazy sound that the band produces.  The chainsaw sounds from Trey, Pages sweet piano, and Fishman’s intense cymbal work are awesome.  Around the 12:05 mark, Trey puts the chainsaw down, and grabs his gritty guitar.

Similar to the spacey section at IT, this jam has some ambient noise and works its way down into the depths.  At 12:32, Trey moves to a lighter sounding tone and it cuts through this spacey journey beautifully.  Cool stuff…

The jam hangs out in this abyss with Fish (as usual in these sections) providing the steam to move through it.  As things get darker and darker it certainly sounds like 2001 could appear…

Instead…BEOW BEOW BEOW….What’s The Use?  Awesome, awesome segue and an extremely well played WTU? follows!  That was killer!!!

Final Thoughts:

Not the longest Ghost but an extremely good one.  Another great version from 2.0 that has awesome interplay between Trey and Page.  I love the flow of this Ghost and how much it gets done in its short existence.  The great climbing out of the underground lick from Trey and the spacey segue into WTU? are outstanding.  I am handing out high scores left and right.

Score: 8.8