The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #6 06/24/1997 La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France

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Background (Set: 2 of 2-Song: 7 of 7-Show Gap: 1)

Second time in in row it’s a set closer! This time closing the second set.


Composed Section

Right off the bat someone screams “eat ass”. Classy!  How bout you eat this monster Ghost instead. The pace of this Ghost is bit quicker than the previous versions. I feel as though they have really gained confidence in their ability to play Ghost. The sound just comes through more confident sounding and ready to bring it.

At 1:40 mark Page gets into some serious crunch, with Gordon slapping right behind him. My favorite of Page’s first 6 solos. Short but great.

2:50 in and the vocals are a bit rough, though they eventually find some harmony.

Beginning of the Jam

3:27 and we are into the Jam. Trey again plays “The Story of the Ghost” vocal part with his guitar.

At 4:03 we settle down into a groove pocket. At 4:40 Fish drops the hammer a bit and leads them into a deeper funk groove and they reach some great space here! Gordon plucking some nice melodies with Trey and Page playing off of him nicely. Serious head bopping music at this point. Fishman comes in at 5:13 and starts singing “I feel I never told you”

Time to pick this sucker up

At 5:45 Page hits the keys for just a second..then thinks better of it. Gordon goes into slap destruction mode 6:00. Trey with some great playing right alongside.

At 6:20 Trey gets into a nice solo and Page follows him shortly on the piano. Then, bass slapping time for Gordon with some Fishman jazz, great stuff.


7:20 and the “ooohhhs” come from Fishman and Trey. At 7:30 Trey repeats a lick that the jamming chart describes as Santana-esque. I definitely agree with that, and it is absolutely fantastic. At 8:36 Trey is playing a lick very similar to Guy Forget, then gets on the solo train. The rest of the band is playing tremendous background. The entire band is really together and you can feel this baby building.

Take It Up a Notch…I smell something Burning
At 9:55 Trey takes it up a notch with a touch of machine gun. He starts to really get after it. Fishman is “ooooohing” his ass off. He has some very similar fills to The Daily Ghost #5. By 10:20 Page has really started to hammer the piano to try and match Trey. The fuse has been lit, Trey rips harder and Page follows. At this point of the song I am smiling ear to ear.


At 11:21 Trey says “I come from France”..and lights it on fire! Fishman drops a monster fill right on top of the Trey’s high pitched fill. The Machine Gun is here, look the F out!  11:30 in and another monster fill from Fishman while Trey burns it hotter. How fast is that man’s hand moving?  Then when we least expected it MORE FIRE! At 12:00 they hold it for just a second then let the sucker go.  More tension at 12:20…and woooosh!

Goodnight…I mean, let me melt your face.
At 13:00 Trey gives band introductions, the crowd claps. Trey then rips into a facemeleter as the band just CRUSHES behind him. As my friend Ned Shipley would say “Now that my friends, is how the best in the business close as set”.

Final Thoughts
I love this Ghost. From 10:00 till the end, they kick it to a gear few bands know exists. This Ghosts builds and builds and then destroys. I think this is very underatted and one I love to play for people. The crowd reaction says it all. LawnMemo claps

Score: 8.8

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