The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #41 10/31/1998 Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV

(Stream is @KernelForbin Matrix, DL is @KernelForbin remaster)

Background (Ghost Position: Set 3 of 3 – Song 3 of 3-Show Gap: 3)

Ghost closes the Halloween Show in Vegas with a fantastic three song set. You can certainly tell how highly regarded Ghost is by the band to give it such an important spot for it’s Halloween debut. There is barely a segue from Piper, so it is not included.


Composed Section (0:00-4:30)

Halloween brings more Trey loops to all those trick-or-treating Phish fans.  They ring out for a long period of time before Mike’s bass line makes an entrance at about the 0:45 mark.  A relatively slow pace for this Ghost produces some crisp vocals.  Fish is noticeably louder during the first couple of verses.

The solo section is a continuation of the slanky Ghost tone that has been set.  Page gets a touch rowdy towards the end, but nothing too crazy.  The pause is shorter than the previous recent versions and the drop in is actually not too bad.  Not quite the Sony Studios drop in, but comparatively speaking to most Ghosts, pretty good.

Jam (4:31-8:37)

This jam begins with the band trying to find a clear direction until they start to section things off.  From the 5:00 mark, things drop way down.  Fishman gets very quiet, and Trey starts to play a softer bluesy style lick.  He finds a very cool tone, that Page builds around with some piano.  Mike is moving all around this quiet space, and providing a great balance.

This is a unique sounding jam, and much different than most Ghost jams.  I really dig Trey’s playing in the early part of this jam.

@Doctor_Smarty who did the jam chart, notes the “I’m your Venus” sounding jam.  It certainly feels like they could break into that tune at  any time, and the jam’s tone echoes it.

This jam reminds me of sneaking around, taking slow steps and creeping around the house.  I certainly feel like if I was a spy this could be my theme music.

At the 6:00 mark, Trey sounds like he might take it up a notch, but instead falls back into the “I’m Your Venus” jam.  Mike is really tearing things up and providing some great higher pitched melodies.

At 6:33, Trey does start to break away and finds a higher pitched tone.  Page provides some great piano work giving light to Trey’s playing.

At the 7:15 mark, Fish drops things down, and Page starts to sprinkle some fog and rain into this jam.  Gordon brings the dark deep bass into the fold and this jam quickly goes way down.  It gets dark and scary very fast, before it fades away into nothing.

Final Thoughts

A short Ghost, and a crazy way to end a Halloween show.  I like the uniqueness of this Ghost, and really dig the dark ending.  It just doesn’t ever get far enough into anything to really stand out.  The Sony Studios Ghost of is only about a minute longer and gets a ton more done.

Score: 8.1