The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #2 06/16/1997 Royal Albert Hall, London, England

Download Link 06-16-97 Ghost>I Dont Care

Background (Set: 2 of 2-Song: 2 of 7-Show Gap: 2)


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I have included the segue into “I Don’t Care” which is  the debut.


The second Ghost offering appears in the 2 hole of the second set.  It starts with no segue in front of it and a bit faster pace than the Ghost debut.  We are treated to Chairman time in the early solo while Gordo seems to be hammering the bass harder than usual.  Vocals are still a bit rough after the drop in.

Jam starts at about the 3:40 mark with Trey still saying “I feel I never told you” for a couple seconds,  then moves into the lead.  Page really starts to add some great layers right away.  I am a sucker for when he moves to the piano and 4:52 mark.  At this point I love the balance of the band.  Fish is really providing a great backdrop and setting a great tempo.

At the 6:10 mark we start to move into a different direction.  Mike and Page move away from the rhythm and Fish drops the pace a bit.  Trey seems to pretty much continue the same playing he had from the earlier section, meanwhile Page really throws some cool effects out here.

At about the 7:30 mark Mike moves toward the darkness and Trey follows suit quickly playing a dark dark lick that he begins to repeat.  I LOVE this section!  Fishman with some great fills pushes this deeper and darker.    The lick from Trey is just awesome.  Page hits the organ and what an awesome full band sound by the 8:30 mark.

At 8:38 Trey begins singing  “I feel I never told you the Story of the Ghost” over and over.  These lyrics on top of the dark section they have found is fantastic stuff.  Page throws some great contrast when he moves back to the piano.  Some fantastic work by Fish also with some nasty fills.

At about 10:07 Trey starts to move into solo mode with some “wooing” in the background.  At the 10:20 mark Fishman drops the hammer and we begin our segue into the first “I Don’t Care”.

Killer, killer segue from place they created near the 7:30 mark never really leaves.  It still feels like the Ghost jam is still there, inside the debut of “I Don’t Care”.  Brilliant work!  Not sure if they had originally intended to segue into “I Don’t Care” after Ghost but they made it seem like it was planned.

Final Thoughts:

Again, you can see right out of the gate the potential in Ghost.  One of the reasons I love Ghost so much is that every jam is completely different.  They find a great dark area in this jam and use it to form a great segue.

Score: 7.4

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