The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #101 07/03/2011 Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen, NY

(AUD Download @KernelForbin Remaster)

Background (Set: 2 of 2-Song: 5 of 12-Show Gap: 5)

Ghost appears in the meat of the last set at Superball IX. The segue into Gotta Jibboo has not been included.


Composed Section (0:00-3:45)

Ghost starts up on it’s own with Trey playing the opening lick a couple times by himself.  The rest of the band joins in about 20 seconds later.  The pace is a bit slower than normal.

The solo section is laid back, and a bit rocky when Mike first comes in.  Mike adds some nice life, but the entire solo section is below average.

The lead in is pretty good and the pause is much longer than normal.  The extra long pause is met with a missed drop.  Nothing close to any of the worst we have heard, but not crisp either.

The composed section actually carries a decent amount of energy into the jam.  That would be short lived.

Not much here (3:46-6:10)

The jam starts with the band looking for some direction.  Gordon starts to provide it with a nice strong tone.  It looks like the band is going to build around that bass line but that is not the case.

Fish picks up the pace at the 4:20 mark, and drives the tempo forward.  Trey starts to move out in front and lead at the 4:35 mark.  It starts to get good but he pulls back on the reigns and things slow down a touch.

Page asserts himself at the 5:00 min mark.  The jam then finds a nice blissful groove that the band begins to settle into.  The band finds a nice space and the jam gets a nice blend of contributions from everyone.  This begins around the 5:30 mark.

Since baseball season just started I am going to put a couple baseball themed gifs in today’s post.  I have no inspired gifs, because this Ghost is a whole lot of nothing.  So since this is the best part of this Ghost, my analogy is that this part is fun, just like playing the Houston Astros.

I actually like where this jam heads and wish they had stayed around to let it develop.  The band is working nicely with each other and the groove is working.  Instead they rush into the next section.

Noodlefest>Gotta Jibboo (6:10-8:36)

Things start to pick up around the 6:10 mark even more.  This starts to spell the beginning of the end however.

When the tempo picks up, the band never finds itself.  The nice development of the early groove is quickly replaced by a band looking to find something to work around.

There is actually some nice playing from Fishman and Trey.  The problem however, is that it sounds like they are playing completely different songs.  Things are disjointed and it is not pretty.

At 7:40 they decide to head things downward and it sounds like a dark jam might come out of the works.  Instead, they pull the plug and put this Ghost out of its misery.  The band opts for Gotta Jibboo and I left swearing like a trucker.

Final Thoughts

I remember my anticipation for this Ghost being as high as it has ever been.  After an incredible first set and a stellar beginning to the second set, I felt Ghost was going to be a pure monster.  It ended up being one of the worst versions and really let some air out of the sails of this set.  Whenever I even think of this Ghost I grab the nearest stress ball.  A decent groove starts to get developed for a few seconds but that is it.  This Ghost is crap.

Score: 4.4 (aka Awful)