The Daily Ghost

The Daily Ghost #1 06/13/1997 The S.F.X Center Dublin, Ireland

Background (Set: 2 of 2-Song: 7 of 9-Show Gap: 1101)

I have included the CDT>Ghost>Olivia’s Pool section that I have stitched together into one track.  I will be referring to those times in the review.

The Ghost Debut!!! Woooo we are off and running.  To appreciate this Ghost I suggest taking in the full Ghost segue.

About 7:35 into CDT we start to hear the beginnings of my favorite song in the Phish catalog.  It comes out of a jam that has been broken down and Trey begins to play the opening Ghost lick over and over.  He varies the key and then at about 9:20 we are pretty much in Ghost mode.  Really a fantastic segue.  Patient and gives a great tempo for Ghost to debut.

The First Ghost gets some great Page work in the first solo section.  Page lays some funkness down while Gordo throws some great bass down.  The lyrics are a bit oversung, is common for a lot of early Ghosts.  You can hear the enthusiasm breathing out of those vocals, and can tell just how much the band loves the new Beast.

The end Jam section starts at about 13:15 and Trey comes out firing some solo work right away.  Page starts to lay some thickness down overtop making things real murky.  Page backs the thickness down and hits the piano as Fishman pushes the tempo and Gordo throws deep bass.

Trey is completely in control leading the group through the initial effort.  He lays some of that great Trey solo working of the late 90s and before they drive it down…Olivia’s Pool gets injected into the jam at 16:11 mark.  The band keeps the jam going however, and Trey gets back into the jam.  Not sure the band was ready to leave the new Ferrari yet Trey!

Trey eventually forces them into Olivia’s Pool and the band follows suit.  The segue is not too bad and wooo Olivia’s Pool debut as well.  What a night!

Final Thoughts

Solid first effort for Ghost.  Clearly not one of the all time versions but you could already hear the monster potential.  I love listening to the CDT>Ghost>Olivia’s Pool stretch.

Score: 7.2

Hope everyone enjoyed this!  Any feedback, tips, comments etc are welcome.  Thanks!