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Ranking Dick’s: #4 09/04/2011 (2011 N3)



Set 1: Maze, Back on the Train > Rift > Bathtub Gin, The Way It Goes, Halfway to the Moon, Gumbo, Halley’s Comet > Tube > Timber (Jerry) > Roses Are Free > Chalk Dust Torture

Set 2: Rock and Roll -> Come Together -> Twist -> Piper> Harry Hood > Roggae > Ghost -> Guy Forget -> Ghost, Walls of the Cave

Encore: Backwards Down the Number Line

Quick Lowdown:  This is an incredible front to back show.  I have a love affair for this show and did an entire podcast on it over at HFPod.  Both sets bring the heat and even though nothing features a 20 min jam there is plenty of improv to satisfy.  Trey’s outstanding Dick’s 2011 form is on full display in this show as many versions bring the heat.  This show made Dick’s a destination you had to make.  Turning point for me.

Set 1 Recap:  The “Maze” opener immediately douses the crowd in Kerosene. The first “Maze” opener since 95.  “Back on the Train” goes  \further than usual and shouldn’t be overlooked.  “Rift” is well played before the big moment of the first set.  This “Bathtub Gin” is of the Bombay Sapphire quality.  This is one of my favorite “Gins”.  It features some rhythmic breakdowns and a volcanic peak.  Play this, sit back and relax, and wipe off the drool on the floor after.  “The Way it Goes” a Gillian Welch cover, debuts next and is expertly executed.  I so wish they would bring this back.  A nicely extended “Halfway” before standard but well played versions of “Gumbo>Halley’s>Tube”.  An interesting “Timber” before a cool “Roses”.  The set closing “CDT” is fiery and finds some territory not often visited by “CDT” before closing like a freight train.  What a fun and unique first set!

Set 2 Recap:  One of the more creative Phish sets kicks off with “Rock and Roll” which of course isn’t that creative until it segues into “Come Together”. The singalong is officially on and the segue into “Twist” is tight.  This “Twist” is strolling along before a full blown “Low Rider” shows up.  The segue in and out the “Low Rider” is the thing orgasms are made of.   Another butter segue into “Piper” which produces the improv highlight of the second set.  This “Piper” goes everywhere and has a borderline “Roadrunner” tease before Page goes on a theremin exploration.   A truly unique Phish jam.  “Harry Hood” is wonderfully placed and this version is excellent.  Featuring some staccato from Page this is funky and gorgeous all in one.  I love this version.  One of my all time favorite placements is “Roggae” in the next slot.  It kept the smooth vibe from “Hood” and kept moving the set forward.  This is a stunning “Roggae” that echoed in the mountain air.  The memorable “Ghost>Guy Forget>Ghost” is next.   My detailed review of this “Ghost” can be found here.   Trey used the calm of “Hood” and “Roggae” to absolutely lay Dick’s in a fiery wasteland.  Another Trey fire storm led “Walls of the Cave” closes an incredible set.  That set in summary

Cool Teases>Exploration>Bliss Jams>Punch You in the Face.

Side Note…To the guy who passed me the biggest blunt I have ever seen in my life, and then raged insanely during “Guy Forget”, and then apologized if he crowded my space too much because he was dancing to hard…You are one of the most awesome fans I have ever been around.  God Bless you.

Encore:  In all the shows I have seen, I have never seen a more puzzling encore that this standalone “Numer Line.”  People were literally confused thinking Phish was going to play a second encore.  “No way they end the tour like that”.  They did.  Weirdest post show vibe I can remember.

The Takeaways:  “Back on the Train”, “Bathtub Gin”, “The Way it Goes”, “CDT”, “Twist”, “Piper”, “Harry Hood”, “Roggae”, “Ghost”

This Show Summed Up in One Gif:  

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Couldn’t find any Guy Forget gifs, so a sick tennis shot instead for a sick show.

Score: 4.9/5