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Ranking Dick’s: #3 09/01/2012 (2012 N2)



Set 1: Run Like an Antelope, Backwards Down the Number Line > Tweezer -> Fluffhead > Roses Are Free > Funky Bitch > The Moma Dance > When the Circus Comes, Theme From the Bottom > Golgi Apparatus, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan

Set 2: Golden Age > Prince Caspian > Light, Boogie On Reggae Woman > The Wedge, The Horse > Silent in the Morning > Mike’s Song > No Quarter > Weekapaug Groove

Encore: Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise

Quick Lowdown: Coming off an all time show, the second night of the 2012 run had a lot to live up to. By any measurable way it did not disappoint. The beginning of the first set puts you into state of imagination that never leaves. Anchored by the legendary “Light” the second set is equal parts improv and Saturday night rocker. Incredible show.

Set 1 Recap: Just want to write this again…”Antelope>#Line>Tweezer>Fluffhead”.

The show opens with “Antelope” and quickly puts to bed any hangover concerns from the first night.  “Number Line” in the second slot works and only continues to give Trey an avenue to get things rocking early.  A nice “Tweezer” in the 3 hole, and everyone is starting to think this getting a bit ridiculous, in all the best ways. “Fluffhead” to follow, and the gravy train is full effect.  There were “Sweet Second Set” jokes that were being thrown around after “Fluffhead” all over.  It was incredible.  No doubt the entire rest of the first set is a standard run though the 1st set Phish repertoire. Nothing else is memorable.  Still when you open the show with 3 of the greatest Phish songs in Phish history, I take note, and you earn an above average rating.

Set 2 Recap: “Golden Age” takes the lackluster ending to the fist set and begins our move into the record books.  A nice well played composed section immediately moves into an exploration jam.  One of the better “Golden Ages”.  “Prince Caspian” to follow, was a call at the time made everyone groan including this blogger.  Much like Magnaball would later, this version makes me look like an idiot (which is not hard to do).  This “Caspian” has one of the cooler outros of any song from this era. It is a psychedelic space murder thriller and an incredible example of just how creative Phish can be. From there we have THE “Light”. For some reason there are some people that downplay the masterpiece this “Light” is.   It changed everything.  This jam was something this era hadn’t seen.   It was a monumental moment that brought us to the next level.  I have easily listened to this “Light” over a 100 times.  I could probably hum you the entire jam.   It has had that effect on me.  Moving into multiple distinct sections that link up in entirely different territories.  Capped by an absolute volcanic peak.  It is one of the jams that goes SO far into the the type 2 territory you are left wondering what song it was.  Probably my favorite feeling.  I was a different person when “Light” ended. Still my favorite jam from Dick’s (although “Simple form 2014 is very close”.  From there “Boogie” keeps the crowd rocking.  “Wedge>Horse>Silent” is decent filler but I love how this set ends.  When “Mike’s Song” starts near the end of the set, you feel like you are getting bonus Phish.  When they decide to throw a “No Quarter” in the middle of the “Mike’s Groove” we are talking serious rocking business.  “Mike’s Groove” to close almost seemed like a celebration of the killer improv that took place in this set.  Great stuff.

Encore:  “Monkey>Reprise”.  Tried and true.

The Takeaways:  “Tweezer”, “Golden Age”, “Caspian”, “Light”

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Score: 4.9/5