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Ranking Dick’s: #2 09/04/2016 (2016 N3)



SET 1: The Moma Dance > Chalk Dust Torture, Mike’s Song > Wingsuit > Weekapaug Groove, Party Time, Bathtub Gin > Split Open and Melt, Tube > Character Zero

SET 2: Crosseyed and Painless > Steam -> Piper > Light > The Lizards, First Tube

ENCORE: Walls of the Cave

Quick Lowdown:  After two excellent shows, it seemed like Phish was building and it all came to a crescendo for the tour closer.  A solid first set with a second set that is one for the ages.   The first set is still great yet might have been the weakest of the run. A masterpiece second set elevates this show all the way to the #2 slot in the Dick’s Rankings.  Lots to break down.

Set 1 Recap:  After “Ghost” and “Slave”, “Moma” is a much more traditional opener.  “CDT” was set up to go deep.  Both the first two nights had big jams in the second slot and with the “CDT” history at Dick’s it was tough not to expect big things.  Alas, it was a fiery version with a finished ending. “Mike’s” follows and is always a treat.  This is “Mike’s” with purpose. “Wingsuit” is nice with yet another Trey slayed solo.  The first star of this set is the “Weekapaug”.  This “Paug” is no joke.  A serious soundscape rocking version that gets the heart racing.   “Party Time” is always fun before yet another monster Dick’s “Gin”.  This “Gin” parlays off the “Paug” only takes it up a couple notches.  A flame thrower of the highest heat, this “Gin” will have you begging for a cigarette even if you don’t smoke.  A standard yet always welcome “Melt” follows and then another decently jammed “Tube”.  This tube grooves and finds a cool danceable avenue with effects and clavs galore.  “Zero” closes.  Yup.  Nice solid first set with excellent versions of “Paug”, “Gin”, and “Tube” being the highlights.

Set 2 Recap:  This is Phish of the highest quality.  Jams, segues, flow, and fire.  Press play, sit back, and have your mind blown.  The “Crosseyed” that opens is 100 percent full throttle Phish.  It settles into a super cool space before bursting through to a couple massive peaks.  This baby would give a heart attack to a graveyard.  Just as the jam fades out Trey expertly segues into “Steam”.  No ripcord here.  This feels perfect and Trey finds one of his dirtiest tones yet which elevates this “Steam”.  Another great segue into “Piper” comes next.   This “Piper” is all about Phish taking chances.  The jam breaks into the typical “Piper” energy before the entire band hits the drum kit.  Whether you like the drums segment or not, the closing section is not up for debate.  It’s fucking awesome.  When Trey gets back on the guitar one of the dirtiest most powerful segments of Phish erupts.   I ran to the aisle and head banged on the rail.  “Light” is up next and it doesn’t feel like the typical jarring intro.  Instead it feels perfect.  This “Light” is awesome. Gorgeous and then raging before a return to some “X-eyed” quotes.  From there a dirty evil lick from Trey bridges us into frigging “Lizards”.  After serious jamming this “Lizards” is a celebration.  It echoed in the mountain air and was a chance for everyone to reflect on just how awesome Phish is.  “First Tube” is the perfect choice to close and this version is one that will rock your socks off.  Amazing set, an all timer and maybe the best set ever played at Dick’s.

Encore: “Walls of the Cave” is very cool here.  Slow to start, and then annihilating your face.

The Takeaways: “Weekapaug Groove”, “Bathtub Gin”, “Tube”, “Crosseyed”, “Piper”, “Light”

This Show Summed Up in One Gif:  Bonus Points for the measuring tape…

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Score:  4.95/5