The Daily Ghost

Merry Christmas from The Daily Ghost (Download of Ghosts 0-50)

(Torrent File provided by @KernelForbin)

A Very Merry Christmas from all of us at The Daily Ghost.  Thanks for all your support!

As a thank you, we have provided a download of all the Ghosts that we have published so far in one download.  In one file is every Ghost 0-50.  This was suggested by user @xpun and I thought it was a great idea.

This was all set up by @KernelForbin who did all the leg work for this and who has done such an awesome job remastering these.

If you aren’t sure how to download torrents, pick up uTorrent.  Just install the program (be sure to uncheck any bloatware like toolbars and such) and then run the torrent file linked above.
Download uTorrent here:
This should give you plenty of love for the upcoming days.  See you at MSG.