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It’s a good time to be a fan…

This was written on the plane from Alpharetta to Chicago, I didn’t have time to post it yesterday.  So this before last night’s show in Chicago.  I fully believe Phish will play some fantastic music the next two nights…

It’s a good time to be a fan….

I wrote on my flight to Atlanta, I am now currently on my flight to Chicago.  Might as well make this a tradition!

All I can I can think about and the presiding emotion that is currently dominating me, is all about the great things happening around Phish tour.

The first and most important point is that Phish is playing creative music.  Each jam seems to be completely different from anything else.  Look at the SPAC “Carini” as a perfect example.  The usually dark and exploratory jam, left the evil at the door, and instead took flight to blissful wonderland.  The variety of jams that “Light” seems to find makes it impossible to predict where the song might go.  This kind of unique jamming is providing the substance to this tour.  When the band is playing so few songs it is imperative that each version be different than the next.  A major highlight of the tour for me is the different styles of jamming, and we haven’t even seen a huge evil jam yet.  I am certainly hopeful this will take place in a HUGE NASTY “Ghost.”

Segues?  Yeah we GOT THEM!  The list of incredible segues this tour has been a real highlight for me.  From the SPAC “46 Days->Steam” to “Tweezer->Cities->Wedge” and a host of other great ones.  I get pumped for each upcoming transition.

The new influx of material this tour has added a breath of fresh new life into setlists thus taking the training wheels off.  The easiest example of this is the new song “Energy” which after only the second offering seems ready to become a major jamming vehicle.  Watching a new song develop over time is one of my favorite Phish activities.  You hear it for the first time, and you dream of the possibilities it can achieve.  It is funny when you put the names together but it sure seems like “Energy” is poised to become the new “Light.”

And don’t think this will be this last of the new material to dive deep.  I fully expect more new material to blossom and become excellent jam springboards in the upcoming months.

On a personal note it is just fun for me to be a Phish fan in the year 2013.  The ability of social media to link me together with other fans from around the country has lifted my soul.  Every show it blows me away how many new people I am meeting.  People that follow along and on my blog, or people that I seek out to say thanks for everything they do.  Meeting and sharing memories with new people is absolutely one of my favorite activities in life.  From the people that do Phish the right way, the enthusiasm and kindness that some fans bring, does nothing but give my soul fuel to run on.  I walk away from meetings, in-show dance parties, and post-show hangouts feeling like I am one of the luckiest people on the planet.

You know what?  I most certainly am.  What a great time to be a fan!