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@Dianna_2Ns Merry Christmas

As most you know I am an avid member of the Turntable station  I have developed close friends in that community.  I receive an amazing amount of support for The Daily Ghost, and my entire TDG team are people I have met there.

We did a Secret SanTTa this year, and I drew @Dianna_2Ns.  I could not be any luckier!  Dianna was the first person that said hello to me when I showed to hear a show replay.  I honestly believe that her awesomeness was a reason that I came back to the site and stuck around so much.  She has been our unofficial greeter for people that come and check out what our room is all about.   Dianna is a warm, caring, enthusiastic, knowledgeable Phish fan who is everything that is good about the Phish community.  A full blown Harry Hood addict, I am turning her slowly to the Ghost side of the force.

She constantly tweets about The Daily Ghost, follows along on Facebook, and discusses The Daily Ghost when we play it in Turntable.  I can’t thank her enough for her support, and how much she rocks.

She also really likes cats…

Few people deserve Christmas cheer as much as Dianna, so here goes…

I am not the only one who thinks Dianna is the bees knees…Here are some quotes from others….


“She regurlarly cracks me up”-Undermind

“Dianna is the best! As president of thephish’s welcoming committee, she greets everyone with a smile. She is also a social media machine with all of her likes, favorites, and retweets. 2Ns phor Prez!!!! Thank you!”-Mdawg

D is for DJ, in which you have come a long way.
I is for Interesting, which you are every day.
A is for AWESOME because you are never lame.
N is for 2N’s because there is 2 Ns in your name.
N is for the other N that comes after the first N.
A is for Always as in my friend you will always be!” -Gooch

“If DNN was writing lyrics to SotG it would be something like this: “Have I ever told you…the story of the HOOD HOOD HOOD!”, followed by 3 gifs of cats dancing.”-Sh0whe

“2N’s happy holly_daze baby!!! I love the way ya wook!”-Ari

“Dianna is an amazing imaginary internet friend!”-cryptical33

“Dianna- My Phanette phor lyphe! D is all kinds of Awesome. It’s not everyday you meet such a positive, genuine and honest person. She gets me and she def gets IT. Someone who will always share in the groove. Life is Hood with 2Ns. Love her!”-Stash

“Italian Spaghetti”-The Sloth

“Dianna_2Ns, coolest person in the 2N club!” -EamoNN (aka phukengruven)”

“I had been on TT for a while before I really “knew” anyone on it. I would pop in from time to time, chat occasionally, never really putting much stock in the fact that there were real people on the other ends of those bobbing cartoons. After meeting a few of the more active members through a mutual friend, I met some of the rest of the TT crew in Atlantic City, and to this day is probably my favorite non musical Phish memory. Everyone was as friendly as if I had known them for ten years. One of those people is Dianna_2Ns, who has proven to be one of the most genuine, interesting, kind, fun, and cool phriends I have ever met.
I had a blast raging AC (SAMMYS BEACH BAR!), and can’t wait to rage YEMSG. Keep being awesome, and please remember the right lane is for traveling and the left lane is for passing. Stay in the right lane unless you are passing..-Howie_Doac

“To my phellow pink monkey, phoga buddy (all stretched and ready for this?!),rage partner (and THIS), camping buddy (let’s go back to that hammock at SPAC), and most of all my phriend, Probably one of the best phish moments of my life took place at an NYC webcast party (I suggest all NYC-ers check one out sometime) when we met IRL…OMGZ! After a few months of chatting and sharing phish tunes on Turntable we finally stood face to face sans the yellow bow and pink fur. We made the connection during a MONSTER Tweezer (9/3/11), and our first conversation went something along the lines of, “wow! we’re real people…in real life…but we met on the internet…(giggles and laughter)!” Who know a webcast party could be so awesome? Thanks to the good ol’ internet, right? Only 2 weeks away from NYE! Ahhhhhh! Time to rage again! ::insert slanky otter gif::”-SweetOne

“Dianna is always a warm person, fun loving, and a good sport with all of our many antics.”-YEM

“DNN is kewl” ”
DNN, the first TT’r I ever met.  Thanks for coming over for the stream and trusting me to not cut you in to bits that night.  Glad to have the awesome REAL LIFE friendship we have now.  It’s all about the long game… *sharpens knives*-KF

“Double N! My fellow female in a sea of male TTers, you are awesome and can’t wait to finally meet you over the New Year’s run (aside from when I danced at you from the stands at Worcester this year). Keep being awesome lady! Much love always, Double L”

“2Ns sums up everything that is great about the phish community…thoughtful, super friendly, lover of all things Hood. I mean, sure, she has a strange obsession with kittens, but who doesn’t have a kitten shaped hole in their lives that needs filling?”-Corbin Dallas

“NN’s knows life!pHd ect.  I don’t know her but her attitude is A+”-joy4now

“Hood! Hood! Hood!”-Emil

A Haiku
“Phish Record in hand
she spins with ever lasting grace
Dianna with two n’s”-N8_Dog_Log

“Dianna is a great person. always in good spirits and willing to lend a helping hand”-Paug

“2ns – thanks for making TT such a great community. I probably wouldn’t have stuck around long if you hadn’t made me feel so welcome. You’ve got my Noze!”-Noze

“Roses Are Red
Violets are Blue
We are ThePHISH (buy the book, see the movie)
And nobody TT’s harder than you”-Rocky B

“Diana is the mother of ThePhish. She is always there to say something genuinely nice, funny, and relevant.”-Toast and Jam

“DNN: Its gonna be time to rage a lot with you Theres nothing that hundred spun wooks or more could ever do You brought the rage down to Sammys Beach bar (To the tune of Toto’s Africa)”-Imaglide

“Dear D2N, you have great taste in music!” -Spenny

Merry Christmas Dianna! We all love you! Happy Phishing this Holiday Run!