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46 Super Random Quick Thoughts from the Plane Ride to Seattle

 Random quick thoughts from the plane to Seattle

  1. Midway is one awful airport to have a layover in.  The best food option was some serious sketchy pizza.  I love Chicago.  I don’t love Midway.  I imagine the battle of Midway was equally as nice.
  2. There are two guys in their late 50s talking about Phish near me and going to the shows.  This makes my heart happy.  The one dude brought his tent as his carry on and has a sick mustache.  I also imagine this dude might have the best drugs at the Gorge.
  1. I get to bring my college roommate to the Gorge because he lives in Seattle. He plays bass in a local band and totally gets it.  Phish isn’t his thing but he loves the musicianship and how much I love going.  So he goes and just has a great time.  It’s pretty great.  He loves “Weekapaug Groove” and “DWD.”
  2. Ms. LawnMemo could sleep on an airplane going through a hurricane.  Her ability to sleep in moving vehicles is legendary.  Her sleeping ability is pretty much Providence “Bowie.”  Breathtaking and equally horrifying.
  1. Seattle is really far from Buffalo.
  1. SPAC “Light” which I am currently listening is short but seriously good.  The building peak section is only about 2 min but hot damn.  
  1. Random things I am looking forward to in Seattle.  The first view when you walk over the hill (still blows me away) “Ghost>2001>Sneakin Sally” (a la Philly 99), Mariners vs. Astros, the amazing Seattle craft beer scene, the amazing Seattle food, the amazing Seattle coffee, almost getting hit by bike riders, flannels, Asians.
  1. On my last flight to Seattle I got the last seat on a Southwest plane,  I was middle row by the shiter.  I ended up sitting next to an older guy who was going to The Gorge.  We talked the entire time.  The guy ended up being a geologist and was explaining all kinds of stuff to me as we flew over the mountains.  Then he offered me a ride.  Awesome guy, hope he is doing well.
  1. As great as that flight was I have an exit row seat for this flight.  Yeah this is better.
  1. I am really sad I won’t be going to Bill Graham, I love SF, and I love that venue.
  1. I will be happy when I get to go to Vegas instead.
  1. Songs I hope to see at the Gorge.  “Sleep,” “Mountains in the Mist,” “Thunderhead.”  I am sure everyone else has the same list.  
  2. I am much better at these quick hitters than actually writing something of substance.  TDQH looks weird though.
  1. Ms. LawnMemo thinks I should come right out and lead with “I AM LAWNMEMO” when I meet them.  I feel like a dick if I do that.  I am a dick though, so….she is probably right.
  1. Taking a Limo Bus to a Phish show results in two day hangovers.  I did the experiment all 25 people had the same result.
  1. Ms. LawnMemo  just woke up, and  looked around dazed for about 2 seconds. She is already back asleep again.
  1. You can pretty much count on the fact that when you fly in a plane it will smell like a fart the entire time.  
  1. I might be in the 90 percentile for worst beards in the country.
  1. I easily have the biggest headphones on of anyone on this plane.  
  1. I am definately a hippie and I really love and want to help people.  That being said I love to watch couples fight.  I REALLY LOVE IT.   The whole dynamic from the stupid ass shit they fight about to how they react to each other.  It’s one of life’s great pleasures.  
  1. If you have the choice on Southwest, pick the plane cookies.  They are chronic.  
  1. The Buffalo Airport might be small but it’s clean and you can walk everywhere in 5 min, decent dining and beer, and a killer water bottle filtered filling station.   Not to mention even during rush hour you can get in an out super fast.  
  1. Ms.  LawnMemo easily thinks I am the funniest person on the planet.  It’s the number one reason I love her so much.  She also thinks I am the dumbest.
  1. With my 12 best Phish buddies from the Buff/Rochester area at SPAC we estimated we have seen around 900 shows and have spent over 100,000 dollars  between us.  That number easily pushed over 100k when one of us got arrested after Glens Falls and had to pay attorney fees.  We counted it because that would not have happened had he not gone to the Phish show.  
  1. By adjusting the brightness level of my laptop I have added like 30 min to my battery life.  I am also being super considerate to the guy next to me since it’s 11 at night Pacific Time.  Also he looks just like Pharell.
  1. I can barely see the writing on the screen.
  1. What the hell is a Jibboo?
  1. The old Phish fan literally has a tent and small backpack.  Ms. LawnMemo and I have 4 checked bags and two carry ons.  We are entitled mother fuckers.
  1. I lost my neck pillow before we ever got on the first plane.  Don’t ever trust me with anything.  Except your happiness.  I got that.  
  1. I hope to have many random run ins with my Phish friends.  Those hugs are something I could never describe to people.  Like 20 per show and they are all life recharging.  
  1. I have a list of probably 150 friends I would bail out of jail.  
  1. Speaking of “Jibboo,” listening to Phiilly “Jibboo.”  I would love to see them open it up again.  Really liked the last few versions even though they were short.  That song hits all the right parts of Phish.  
  1. A lot of people hate “Jibboo.”
  2. Phish tour weather has been pretty $$$ this year.  
  1. Let me Lie is never $$$
  1. I sure  would like to Rage with Page whenever they dying of the light is. That sounds awesome.
  1. I met Page once and he asked me what the best and worst “Ghost” was.  I told him Radio City and UIC, and that Superball was probably the second worst.  That night they played Magnaball “Ghost,” it did not suck.  True story.
  1. Someone definitely just added to the plane fart smell.
  1. Full disclosure.  It was me.  
  1. “WTU?” making regular rotation is the greatest thing to happen to Phish in a long time.  
  1. I can’t imagine another jam band ever selling the venues Phish plays now. Makes me sad.  
  1. Someone should write the Wook Hunger Games.  
  1. Philly 1 is a dope show.  
  1. Don’t leave anything valuable in your tent at The Gorge.  
  2. 100 percent chance Phish plays Tide Turns in Mexico.
  1. Just put on Reba while this entire plane is sleeping.  Great move Memo.