The Daily Ghost

33 in 33 #28 08/26/2012 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre-Charlotte, Charlotte, NC (Russell Jacobsen)

Selection: “Axilla>Tweezer”

Memo’s “Other Jams” Memo: Some fantastic banter during “Alumni Blues”, Ass kicking encore of “BBFCFM>Tweezer Reprise”

From Russell Jacobsen:

There was so much buzz in the lot when we arrived. This would be the only show I was able to hit all summer.

After wandering aimlessly around the lot enjoying myself, I entered the venue. This Sunday evening has all the makings of a beautiful night. Nice weather, a big sprawling lawn, and most importantly great people.

Anyway, the first set was really long, but that was a good thing. Nothing was drawn out and I was never standing there wondering when the song was going to end. For me, the highlights of the first set were “Bathtub Gin” (I always love “Gins”) and “Fluffhead”. The songs were back to back and when “Fluffhead” started, I looked at the time and thought, “Wow, this may be the last song of the set.” Then, they kicked it up a notch and played “Alumni”! What a groovy tune. I thought for sure that was it for the set. There was some banter from the band that was very amusing and I think it was the most I’ve personally ever seen them chit-chat on stage. Then, they dropped a couple bombs with a short, funky “Tube” with some serious work from Mike and Page, followed by an entertaining “My Sweet One”. Fish began the beat for “David Bowie” and I knew this was it. “Bowie” was actually my friend Ian’s most memorable song of the first set from his very first show (Dude Man!). It was just the right amount of weird.

The second set was loaded but it was really the “Axilla I > Tweezer” in the dead center of an eight song “Mike’s Groove” that was the highlight of the show for me. A couple years ago I got a “band” together with my buddies Luke on guitar and Schro, AKA “Schro-baby” on the drums, and myself also on guitar. We were essentially a Phish cover band (and just like Fish says in that one interview how “Axilla” is the drummer’s favorite song) “Axilla” was by default Schro’s favorite song, whether he liked it or not. It truly was an entertaining song to play and its definitely a rager live. I always hope it will be “Axilla (Part II)” but I feel like that may never happen again. It was a still great nonetheless.

Out of Axilla came the opening riff of “Tweezer” around the 3:20 mark. The composed section of the song was pretty standard, nothing truly unusual in the Uncle Ebenezer section, and they nail the bust out of the depths and into the jam.

The jam. The jam was sweet!  It did not take long at all for the band to decide where they wanted to go. Right at the 8:20 mark Page and Trey start doing some call and response and Mike slaps away. The sound coming from Page’s piano is extra special. It is so light and airy until the band locks into a groove around 9:10. Playing around with the theme played to start the jam, Trey is still noodling all around the riff. Right around the ten minute mark Trey holds a note for a few seconds and that kind of signals a change in the music. Fish switches to a ride, and I had a feeling the music was about to get extra tasty.

Trey locks himself onto a particular riff and Page plays right along behind him. Mike is sort of responsible for the overall mood of the music. He thumps along playing a beautiful bass line.

Things start to pick up around 11:15 and I felt like I was floating up into heaven when more call and response from Page. Trey is taking the music to new heights. Around 11:45 Trey holds another note before returning to toy with the original jam lick. I love when he does that. Page eventually begins playing the organ and playing along with Trey on the piano. He helps give the song a very relaxing feeling with the sustained organ he is playing, especially when Trey starts throwing whale calls into the mix around 14:00. I felt like i was swimming through the moisture held in the clouds. I was NOT on drugs.

After reaching a peak around the 15:00 mark, the music begins to rescind into the night and I know the end is coming. Then fish stopped playing and that was it. I hate when they do that. Luckily for me, out of the ambience, fish started playing again. The opening percussion of Harry Hood! No complaints from me!


From Russel Jacobsen:

My name is Russell Jacobsen. I am a recent college graduate from Towson University, just north of Baltimore, Maryland. My friends have started calling me the cheeseburger walrus, or cheeseburger depot, or cheeseburger locker because I love Trailer Park Boys. (ROC PILE!) I play guitar in a band called Changre. You can find us on Facebook. We’re pretty good. I was not supposed to leave the state and go to this show, but i did anyway, so it was awesome. I’m a badass. Peace out. See you on tour.

I cant give you a favorite ghost because I love so many. My five go-to’s in no particular order are: Radio City Ghost. Prague Ghost. Denver Ghost. Copenhagen 98 Ghost. Gorge 03 Ghost. NYE 10 Ghost. Japan 00 Ghost. IT Ghost. and Grand Rapids 98 Ghost. Those are five good ones that I love a lot 🙂