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33 in 33 #19 07/07/2012 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY (Cynthia Lynn Todd @cynthialynntodd)

Selection: “Scent of a Mule”

Memo’s “Other Jams” Memo: Excellent “Peaches En Regalia>Bathtub Gin”, short but hard hitting “2001”, “DWD>Blister>DWD”

From Cynthia Lynn Todd:

I have been in love with Phish ever since the very first time I heard them. The day I first saw them live changed my life. Spreading good vibes throughout the community is a tremendous source of joy for me. Having experienced a journey for half my life throughout all the different eras of Phish makes me feel part of something bigger than just following a band. Phish is my religion, my marriage and the soundtrack of my life. Someone once called me “the bride of Phish.” For better or for worse, I agree. I love hearing about other fans’ experiences and memories with Phish. Email me your stories at so I can read them on trains, planes and buses to my next show or tweet me @CynthiaLynnTodd.

Favorite Ghost: 7/23/1997 Lakewood. Sexy.

Disclaimer- I am not a writer, jaded vet or stats-obsessed . I am just a fan and this is my first humble piece for fun.

7/7/12 Saratoga – “Scent Of A Mule”

After a trip to the ladies room during “Backwards Down The Number Line” and getting an EMT for the guy in front of us as, they played “Prince Caspian” … I was in the buzz kill zone. I needed something peppy …by the first few notes I recognized “Scent Of A Mule.” It was exactly what I needed to transcend me right over the edge to the other side of crazy. That place where you completely let go by stepping into the middle ring of the hillbilly ho down with ADD. The flight of the drunken bumble bee who has a brief encounter with some wild cowboys at the saloon starts at around 2:36. If I wasn’t at a Phish concert my dance moves could be mistaken for a mild seizure. I was whipping my lasso around like a mad woman chanting “Woo Hoo” and “Yee Haw!” Did Pee Wee Herman just pass us on a bike? Word of the day is ” WEIRD”. Let’s try it.

At 4:05 “Mule” goes into a few seconds of something similar to the Beastie Boys. 4:38 goes back into “Blister In The Sun” and at that very moment I became laser beam focused on how much fun the band was having. It fueled me into another dance frenzy at 6:11, EVERYONE in my section was dancing and smiling. Well……………………………………..the reason I picked this song was the lyrics “Here’s a place of elegance. Here we shower ourselves in lightness” hit me in a way that described that exact point in time. That “aha” moment where you are having the time of your life with yourself, the band, and everyone around you. I couldn’t get the ear to ear grin off my face . I am certainly not saying that musically “Scent Of A Mule” was the highlight but it was the peak of my personal journey at SPAC. Those special moments where you come back from the other side and the only thing that could be any better is more. I was happy to be there and be part of IT.

Other personal favorites from 7/7/12

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My favorite overheard quotes that night

Right before “The Moma Dance” the person next to me pulls an American flag bandana out of their pocket, puts it on their head, pops open another beer and says “I am going full blown asshole tonight.” I laughed so hard I cried.

After the “Sabotage” encore blew the roof off the place, the girl next to me said “I can go home and get a job now.”

2012 Phish – The year of acceptance

Friends of mine looked over at me during a show and I wasn’t dancing. I had my arms crossed in front of me. When they asked me what was wrong, I replied that I thought the band sounded off and they flubbed some of the most critical moments. My friends told me that everyone else around me was dancing, having fun and I could jump off the stuck up train anytime to join them. I stopped dissecting the music so much and it allowed me to truly listen. I love to be honest about the band’s performance but found when I stopped focusing on very note, it allowed me to be free to enjoy myself . I reconnected with the band in a deeper way than ever before. Caught things I might have missed in the past like Kuroda’s lights or a NYE ball. Keep what’s important and know who’s your friend.

Summer of 2013

I am most excited to see all of the wonderful people I have met and meet new ones. It will be my first time at The Gorge which has been on the bucket list for over a decade. The two songs I would like to see for the first time this summer are “Walfredo” and “Spock’s Brain.” I assure you I won’t be able to get the smile off my face for days. I also want to witness some of my new friend’s first “Harpua.” It is always fun to witness someone’s first show, 100th show, birthday show and to learn from the vet next to me. Since it is the 30th anniversary of Phish I am sure they have something in store for us that will make me fall in love with them AGAIN. Isn’t that why we do what we do, to see this band over and over, night after night, year after year? The excitement. The unknown. For me it’s a Yes!