The Daily Ghost

33 in 33 #13 06/29/2012 Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN (Sarah Fankhauser, @lilspunky101)

Selection: “Cavern>Sanity,First Tube”

Memo’s “Other Jams” Memo: “DWD->Sand”, Interesting parts to “Bathtub Gin”

From Sarah Fankhauser:

The entire country was experiencing the warmest year since records began being kept in 1895. With most of the corn belt facing a severe drought, the drive down to Indiana from Ohio was considerably more brown than the usual green. The staple lush cornfield walls that had usually framed my view from the Honda this year had become an obvious reflection of the detriment caused by those same corn fields on our water cycle. The weather made for interesting dialogue on the ride down, and a somewhat non sequitur poster for the two-night run. Perhaps you recall the striking yellow sea of corn kernel people?

But, while some amongst us may look at the setlist and the song times and be uninspired, I contend that the evening was magical and steadily resonated on bizarre, regardless of a lack of jamming. With the combination of my “fast” dancing style and temperatures soaring well above 110° F, I must admit I was strangely relieved by the abrupt endings, long pauses and comical banter by the band that night. had announced a warning against being in the sun and consuming alcohol while reminding people to stay hydrated in such intense conditions; even suggesting purchasing a wide brimmed sun hat to wear while meandering the lot. Unfortunately, no jamming was required for brain melting that day, but those of you looking for “gems” may want to spend a little time revisiting this show.

Say what you will about un-noteworthy setlists but you know, sometimes its not about length with the boys. Sometimes it is just about having fun! “Dinner and a Movie,” “Sweet Jane,” “Life on Mars,” “The Mango Song” and “Sanity” were all busted out and then put back on the shelf for the rest of 2012. Each one was played with intricate precision and high energy which has become a staple of this past year’s amazing tours. Other special treats like “BBFCFM” and “Ride Captain Ride” dotted the evening and helped to capture the rowdy energy of the crowd. We all had seemingly been pushed to our breaking point by the extremity of the Sun’s heat that day. “Sweet Jane“, a Velvet Underground favorite followed a super on-point “Dinner and a Movie“. The wildly abstract “Dinner and a Movie” set a punk rock tone for the night; short and quick songs with lots of rambunctious energy. Played only two other times in 1998, “Sweet Jane” was an apt way to subtly cement the mood. Of course, the crowd went nutty over “Rock & Roll’s” all too unfamiliar brother.

“And there’s even some evil mothers
Well they’re gonna tell you that everything is just dirt” – “Sweet Jane” Velvet Underground

I could see how an interestingly obscure transition of “Twist” into “Rift” may have gotten mixed reviews from those critics out there, and I can even give weight to statements like, “Night one was better,” but I try not to make comments like that myself. Something special happens each time they play and this show is just teeming with the boys’ personality. 3.0 may not equate on paper to some overly critical phans but if you were there, you get it. Minds were melted sans any 15 minute jams and the unity that permeated the evening was remarkable. Deer Creek certainly had a pulse that night.

The encore couldn’t have been more tight or more appropriate. A perfect summation of the evening, “Sanity” was an especially amazing choice to me. Having snuck into the pit and being there for the first time in 20 plus shows… lyrics like “You can trespass anywhere” made me feel as though they were playing just for me! Experience and lyrics combine, once again launching me further into a passionate and personal understanding of each glorious unique note I hear. Phrases like “You can spend your nickels and you can spend your dimes” only encourage me to throw caution to the wind, reminding me as always, the most important part is being there, no matter the cost.

What a blessing to be able to revisit, so vividly, such an amazing time by just listening to some music. To viscerally feel those same feelings again and again. I didn‘t realize what a trip down memory lane this would be when I chose this slot but ain’t that just the wonderful way she goes? What can I say? I am literally shaking with anticipation for my next “fix.” See you on the road.


From Sarah:

Favorite Ghost is Radio City Music Hall, followed closely by the Amsterdam Ghost.

An aspiring scholar, a mediocre hobby painter, a shitty skateboarder, Trekker and a 3.0 era dedicated phan, I would rather be called a novice than a “noob.” Having had an awkward and slightly backward journey discovering the community of interwebz phans, I mostly delight in opportunities to learn from others as we share in the groove. I try to leave the controversy at login and show expectations at the gate, but what can I say? Haters gon’ hate. My foundation of phandom stems from listening to Phish’s studio albums in high school, never imagining I would get to see them live. I have an appreciation and predilection for the all-too-often easily dismissed catalog of songs that rarely appear during shows. I am forever grateful to those discerning ears out there who have helped to guide my “schoolings.” IMO, the hypercritical fan is truly a great contribution to the scene and to the band themselves. This is my first piece, I hope you enjoy myself.

You can find me on Twitter at @lilspunky101 and on and PT as RikersMailMan. My next show will be #30. Thank you.