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26 in 26 of 2019: #20 07/10/2019 Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT (Brian Kleinhaus, @wolfenhaus)

What to write about the 2019 Mohegan Sun shows, especially the second show on July 10th, 2019. I don’t think anyone would argue that the first show of the run was significantly better — novelty of the first Phish show at this venue, an Energy bustout, the debut of Wider, the dreamy Beneath the Sea of Stars jam…etc.

According to, there are only two noteworthy jams to speak of on 7/10/19, and I would argue that that is being kind. The Wingsuit (which is one of my favorites of the 3.0 songs) does not really get any jam treatment. While the Stash, which I am listening to as I write, is really nice, it stays well within the confines of the song structure, clocking in at 12:45. It’s barely a jam, more of a slightly extended type 1 version. 

The 7/10/19 show overall has little to distinguish it from other ordinary run of the mill 3.0 shows. I don’t remember the show because of the jams or the crowd or the setting or my show crew. Rather, the show is memorable because of the mystical journey I took that day to the source of the groove in “Mike’s Groove”–Weekapaug, Rhode Island. 

Over the years, on road trips back from Maine and Boston, I had threatened my trip partners to take a diversion to visit Weekapaug, only to be shot down by them every time because of complaints about traffic or other silly things. Not this time. When I looked at the map after the Mohegan shows were announced, I realized that Weekapaug was 45 minutes from the casinos. This was my opportunity, and no wook would be able to stop me from completing my vision quest!!

July 10 was a perfect New England summer day. Hot, sunny, not terribly humid, uncrowded country roads, and nothing to do until the show at night. So I got in my car and drove. In under an hour, I was in Weekapaug – the mecca of my fevered Phish dreams over the years! The source of sharing in the ecstatic groove – the bass licks, the bookend to so many of Mike’s Song musical journeys.

I went to every part of the town, seeking to immerse myself in the essence of the place (See assorted attached pics). I toured the Weekapaug Inn. I walked on the Weekapaug town beach. I drove over the historic Weekapaug bridge. I bought a tee-shirt from the Weekapaug Yacht Club. I bought a fish sandwich for lunch from the Weekapaug Sea Well Seafood Market and sat at the picnic tables, watching the world go by. I absorbed all of what Weekapaug had to offer, and came out a fulfilled person on the other side of my adventure.

After I drove back to Mohegan Sun, I met up with some friends and went to the show – as I said, the music of 7/10/19 just merged with other fun but unremarkable shows, but my memories of visiting Weekapaug, Rhode Island will stay with me until I die and visit the great Gamehendge in the Sky. 

-Sharing in the Groove,