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21 in 21 of 2018: #2 07/18/2018, Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys, Stateline, NV (Mike Finoia, @Amigospod, @Mikefinoia)

If you haven’t been to a show at Harvey’s, allow me to paint the picture:

It’s a parking lot. It’s a casino parking lot in Paradise.

Nestled upon the Southern end of Lake Tahoe, the outdoor “Summerstage” type venue is about as no-frills as it gets. It doesn’t have to be more than what it is; the aesthetics surrounding the concert grounds are more than breathtaking.

By day, you’re wading in crystal blue chilly water, soaking in the CalNeva sun.

By afternoon, you’re washing down Jalisco taco’s with a cold beer, all to the tune of a Phish soundcheck, loud and clear, just a short distance away.

By night, post-show, casino weirdness awaits; blending the bug-eyed showgoer with the normal, leathery oddballs that hang in a casino late on a Wednesday night.

I’m a big fan of outdoor shows. Harvey’s, like The Gorge or Red Rocks, sits in a nest of natural beauty, aroma, & air. I appreciate the time, temperature, & atmosphere that accompanies songs when played in an open setting, under the sky. Harvey’s is a sunny, hot, simple place, and I love it.

So that’s the venue.

I find it easy to reflect on songs that I love, so for this one I chose a song that I like —  “Everything’s Right.”

I’m indifferent about the verses, lyrics & chorus, but I thoroughly enjoy the depth of the jam that follows. Here’s a better explanation of how I feel — If I really have to piss and the first notes ring out, I’ll jog to the can and try to be back in 4 minutes to be settled for the jam.

I first saw this tune on Coconut night at the Garden and really didn’t pay it much attention to it. Upon listening back, however, I realized that I should be on the lookout & give it a real chance, as it could serve up deep exploration.

I was happy to see the tune loosen up a rather tight first set at Harvey’s. Falling 4th in the set after an “AC/DC Bag,” “Martian Monster” & “Ass Handed,” its placement fit perfectly for me, and the jam didn’t disappoint.

Right around the 4:38 mark, the band dropped with synchronicity into a paced, thick funk jam, complete with Trey matching a vocal “Everything’s right” with his notes, a la Band of Gypsys’ “Who Knows”. Fishman provides a steady cymbal shower, while Page soars in ambience & echo. Trey and Mike channel a “Steam”-esqe climb that simultaneously stays dark but rises high. Trey puts a cap on the journey with a return to his initial vocal “Everything’s right” guitar pairing.

Nobody seems to be in a rush, and that’s what I thoroughly enjoy in Phish exploration — when we get to figure it out with them.

This felt perfect in an early Set 1 placement. It set the tone for a fun night under the Sierra Nevada stars.